(Providence, Rhode Island – August 1, 2014) – With only days away until the launch of their exciting Kickstarter, DigiSole, an early stage start-up, has just developed high-tech shoe insoles that use advanced pressure mapping technology to give users pro-athlete performance data, like foot weight distribution, during any upright activities. Digisoles read and monitor the good and bad habits athletes exhibit then provide recommendations and custom goal oriented programs to help improve overall performance.

“DigiSole has tremendous potential in the field of orthopedics and sports medicine,” said Matthew Plante, MD, board member, DigiSole. “Applications include the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of sports medicine injuries such as stress fractures”.

With the Kickstarter campaign launching on September 8th, DigiSole is aiming to meet a goal of $50,000 to help fund the final product iteration and initiate manufacturing. Using the increasingly popular crowd funding platform Kickstarter, DigiSole feels it’s not only getting an opportunity at financing, more importantly, it’s an opportunity for the brand to see what the consumers are looking for out of a technology like this. This feedback is invaluable, and will only help DigiSole in creating a product that is truly about utility for athletes.

The concept and brand, envisioned and established by Providence based entrepreneurs Daniel Xavier and Kyle McQueeney, started as just an idea, but quickly became a passion following enormous positive feedback from local running communities and having identified a gap in the market for a high quality foot performance sensor at a reasonable price. This led Dan and Kyle on a mission to design a pressure insole that not only was thin and durable, but required little power utilization, and most importantly, was comfortable to use.

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For more information on DigiSole and to keep track of the upcoming Kickstarter Campaign, please click here

About DigiSole

DigiSole is an early stage start-up comprised of a group of ambitious young entrepreneurs with backgrounds spanning data science, engineering, and design. Based out of Providence, RI, DigiSole aims to create an insole solution that will not only help improve athletic performance but also the quality of life of people across many activities.