Editorial Cartoon: Crazy to Work Here


By Brad Veley / www.bradveley.

In the background is a small, thatched-roof cottage, standing at the edge of the forest. In front of the cottage is a person wearing a long, hooded garment and carrying a small child.

At right is a troop of bearded men clad in matching helmets and armor and carrying spears and shields.

In the foreground is a blond youth in a dark cloak, with a headband holding his hair out of his face, whom everyone is watching.

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The youth stands behind a large stone, on top of which is an anvil, implanted in the center of which is a microphone. His face bears a tremendous grimace, and droplets of sweat fly from his head, as he places one foot on the edge of the stone and attempts to pull the microphone from the anvil.

Beneath this scene is the legend:

“It’s a little-known fact that young Arthur’s first career goal was to become the official motivational speaker for all of England, but he failed miserably at the attempt.”