When Portsmouth-based Rail Explorers USA, which offers unusual tours on recumbent bicycles along abandoned rail lines, got some national press in late July, business boomed, says co-owner Alex Catchpoole. Opened locally in April after leaving New York once that state targeted abandoned rail lines for demolition, the company guides visitors along a scenic stretch of

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  1. What are the specific objectives of the state’s tourism efforts? If I were to create them, I’d put on my list:
    New residents recruited to live in RI – population growth
    Occupancy targets for lodging, including hotels, motels, campgrounds
    Visitation targets for our state’s cultural sites and performing arts groups, beginning with the ones most in need of boosts to their gate, which in turn would improve their financial success and employ more people
    Visitation targets for state funded venues, including the VETs, the Ryan Center, the Convention Center, the Dunk.
    With the number of complaints about parking unavailable at our state’s ocean beaches for residents of the state, I would put this very low on the list.
    Visitation targets for restaurants