Failure can be inspiring, and success should be shared

Douglas E. Scala | Webster Bank regional president for southern Massachusetts/Rhode Island

How do you find the leaders of tomorrow?

At Webster Bank we’re not only looking for people who can be great bankers. We want people who are truly good human beings.

We begin by identifying the right candidates and then use a variety of tools to help make sure each new employee will thrive in the position.

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Two positive indicators for success are the way a person deals with setbacks and successes.

I recall one member of my team who wanted to build leadership skills. I gave this promising banker a challenging assignment, with full confidence in a successful outcome. However, despite working hard, the final presentation before senior managers did not go well.

It was a setback. But right away, I put this person on a committee with some of the same senior executives – and quickly, they saw a hard worker, a strategic thinker and a superstar in the making.

Resilience like that is one mark of a leader. We also look for people who are always seeking ways to give back to the communities we serve – people who strive to help customers and colleagues with issues that are bigger than their personal ambitions.

Successful leaders understand how much more effective they can be with the support of colleagues – and when they succeed, they thank their team for it.

That’s what I mean by finding good human beings.

Look for employees who bounce back from challenges and share credit with others for success. That’s the mark of a true leader.