FarSounder launches program to aid installation of sonar software on ships

WARWICK – As part of its recently launched Sonar Cable Advance Program, underwater sonar technology company FarSounder Inc. has begun offering advance delivery of its sonar connection cables.

The program is focused on earlier installation of the company’s sonar software, which FarSounder says will streamline the process for yacht owners and shipbuilders.

The company’s Argos Forward Looking Sonar system is designed to allow ships to more safely navigate waterway obstacles. But yacht owners often install the technology once the hull of their vessel has already been built, requiring the installation to be carried out as a refit project.

This later installation inconvenienced both ship owners and builders, FarSounder said when announcing the program earlier this month. By installing the technology earlier in the process, the announcement says, yacht owners can save on hull work.

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FarSounder will offer the advance delivery at no charge for all qualifying new build projects.

Jacquelyn Voghel is a PBN staff writer. You may reach her at Voghel@PBN.com.