Five Questions With: Scott Murphy

Technology is used in ways we don’t always think about. For Dunkin’ Donuts, it’s helped its franchises keep up with better espresso-bean extraction and grinding methods. New, state-of-the-art espresso machines were introduced by the quick-service restaurant chain recently. Scott Murphy, chief operating officer, Dunkin’ Donuts U.S., said new equipment better meets modern product demand.

PBN: Did Dunkin’ have espresso machines before, and if so, how are these different?

MURPHY: Dunkin’ first introduced lattes and cappuccinos in 2003. Our previous espresso products were good for their day when they were introduced in 2003, but they needed to be totally revamped to match the taste profile demanded by today’s espresso drinkers.

Dunkin’s enhanced espresso experience leverages a new recipe and new state-of-the-art equipment that dramatically improves espresso-bean extraction … creating a stronger brew that delivers a rich, smooth, balanced flavor and an intense, bold taste that meets the profile preferred by consumers today.

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Franchisees have the option to choose from two state-of-the-art espresso machines, which have built-in grinders to grind the espresso beans fresh for each beverage. Both machines provide an exceptional espresso beverage, can achieve our new espresso recipe and allow for future beverage development.

PBN: How do the new machines work?

MURPHY: In preparation for the launch, Dunkin’ restaurant employees throughout the country received extensive training and espresso certification on the new equipment and beverage builds. … The new, state-of-the-art espresso machines allow restaurant crew members to make truly handcrafted espresso drinks, made with freshly ground espresso beans that we know our guests will love.

PBN: What will customers notice?

MURPHY: The best, handcrafted espresso beverages in the marketplace, at a great value, and all delivered at the speed of Dunkin’. Customers will be able to taste the difference … a more robust, rich and smooth taste. Additionally, we’re introducing two new espresso drinks to our lineup, the iced cappuccino and the iced Americano.

PBN: Is the ordering experience the same for customers?

MURPHY: Yes, Dunkin’ customers can order their espresso drink just as they would for all of their food and beverage items, whether it’s through the Dunkin’ mobile app, drive-thru or at the front counter.

PBN: Does Dunkin’ follow industry technological advances in terms of equipment-purchase decisions?

MURPHY: We offer our franchisees two different options for the new espresso equipment, so they can select the best machine to meet the needs of his or her restaurant. The taste and strength of the espresso is the same for each machine, and both have smart features that allow franchisees to closely monitor the equipment. We’re continually monitoring for the latest technological innovations, and feel our new espresso machines truly are state-of-the-art.

Susan Shalhoub is a PBN contributing writer.