Fort McMurray Airport Authority in Canada sues FM Global

PROVIDENCE – The Fort McMurray Airport Authority in Alberta, Canada, is suing its insurer, FM Global, to cover the damages to its facilities during a wildfire two years ago, according to Insurance Business Canada magazine.

A statement of claim filed by the airport May 1 says the facility incurred $34.3 million in damages and lost revenue. The claim also asked for legal costs and $2 million in damages.

The airport was closed for more than a month to commercial aircraft as Fort McMurray officials responded to the wildfire event in May 2016.

“The Fort McMurray Airport Authority is currently in negotiations with its insurance company and we hope to come to a mutually agreeable resolution,” airport spokesperson Joanne Meredith told CBC News.

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While FM Global covered some of the facility’s costs related to the fire, it rejected the airport’s proof of loss.

Steve Zenofsky, assistant vice president at FM Global, said of the matter, “Out of respect for each of our policyholders, our relationships are kept confidential.”

As of June 7, FM Global had not filed a statement about the matter.

Mary Lhowe is a PBN contributing writer.