Gas prices continue to fall in R.I., Mass., but remain above $4 per gallon

THE AVERAGE PRICE of self-serve, regular unleaded gasoline in Rhode Island dropped 10 cents from last week to $4.19 per gallon, AAA Northeast said Monday. / DAVID ZALUBOWSKI / ASSOCIATED PRESS FILE PHOTO

PROVIDENCE – The average price of self-serve, regular unleaded gasoline in Rhode Island dropped to $4.19 per gallon, 10 cents less than last week but still 24 cents higher than the national average, AAA Northeast said Monday. 

One year ago, the average price for regular unleaded gasoline in Rhode Island was $3.06 per gallon. 

“Falling pump prices may eventually lead to more drivers hitting the road again,” said Lloyd Albert, senior vice president of Government and Public Affairs for AAA Northeast, in a statement. “But that hasn’t happened yet. Instead, many drivers are waiting for prices to fall further before reverting to their typical driving habits.” 

Midgrade gas in Rhode Island averaged $4.75 per gallon Monday.     

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Premium gas averaged $5.05 per gallon.     

Diesel fuel averaged $5.25 per gallon.    

In Massachusetts, the average price of regular gas fell 10 cents from a week ago to $4.27 per gallon. 

Midgrade gas in Massachusetts averaged $4.79 per gallon.

Premium gas averaged $5.08 per gallon. 

Diesel fuel averaged $5.33 per gallon. 

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