Gentle Giant Moving Co. focuses on healthier long-term choices

Healthiest Employees: 150-499 Employees | #8. Gentle Giant Moving Co.
CEO (or equivalent): Larry O’Toole, CEO and founder
Number of employees: 450

Gentle Giant Moving Co. needs its employees to stay healthy on and off the job. That’s why the Somerville, Mass.-based company has strengthened its workforce and built a community to help each other out.

Employees exercise as a team, supporting each other as they improve their health, which allows them to bond as a team. In Philadelphia, a warehouse manager does 100 kettle bell swings and 100 pushups, in case he doesn’t have time for a workout later. Even though the workers are getting exercise and lifting all day long on the job, they get together after work to work out. With so many of the employees involved in exercising, there isn’t a problem to get a partner to support you.

Through the company’s Employee Assistance Program and health insurance offerings, it has seen workers become more excited about working out after the workday has ended.

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Referred to as the “Giants,” employees are fully focused on living an overall healthier lifestyle, instead of relying on quick, short-term changes.

A healthy thought:
‘Employees [know] they have the resources they need to take care of themselves and their families.’
Jennifer Flanagan, Public relations-marketing specialist, Gentle Giant Moving Co.