Getting technical, part II

Over the past five years, has your company become more or less dependent on technology?

More – 93.75%

About the same – 6.25%

Less – 0%

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In the next five years, do you expect your company to become more or less dependent on technology?

More – 87.5%

About the same – 12.5%

Less – 0%

How important are mobile technologies to your company’s customer engagement efforts?

Very important – 81.25%

Somewhat important – 18.75%

Not at all important – 0%

What is your company’s primary technology-related concern?

Cyberthreats such as lack of data security – 50%

Keeping up with the speed of technological change – 31.25%

Increasing technology-related expenses – 12.5%

Other – 6.25%

The Providence Business News Executive Poll is a weekly survey of 70 business leaders throughout the state, representing small and large companies in a variety of industries.