Hasbro, CVS named again on 100 Best Corporate Citizens ranking

PROVIDENCE – Hasbro Inc. and CVS Health Corp. were named to the 100 Best Corporate Citizens 2019 ranking released by CR Magazine Wednesday.

The report, which tracks environmental, social and governance performance, is based on 98 metrics separated into eight categories with varying weighting, heaviest first: employee relations, climate change, environment, stakeholders and society, human rights, governance – ISS-ESG corporate rating, governance and finance. The study considered 1,000 publicly traded companies.

CR Magazine did not reveal specifics of its measured metrics, or which metrics comprise the categories it ranked in 2019. Owens Corning ranked No. 1 this year, followed by Intel Corp.

Hasbro ranked No. 13 overall this year, receiving its highest ranking for human rights and employee relations. The company received its lowest scores for financial and governance.

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Hasbro’s 100 Best Corporate Citizens 2019 category rankings:

  • Employee relations: No. 9
  • Environment: No. 42
  • Climate change: No. 94
  • Stakeholders and society: No. 144
  • Human rights: No. 3
  • ISS-ESG corporate rank: No. 280
  • Governance: No. 467
  • Financial: No. 520

“Corporate Social Responsibility is fundamental to how we operate our business,” said Brian Goldner, chairman and CEO of Hasbro. “We believe that by fulfilling our purpose to make the world a better place for children and their families, we are also doing the right thing for our shareholders and key stakeholders. We’re proud that the Hasbro logo is a trustmark for consumers around the world and appreciate that our global teams are achieving success the right way: by living our values and building long-term value.”

Hasbro said that this was the eighth consecutive year it has placed in the top 25 in the report.

CVS Health ranked No. 28 overall this year. The company ranked highest for stakeholders and society, and human rights metrics. The company earned its lowest rankings for governance and financial metrics.

In 2018, the company was ranked No. 38.

CVS Health’s 100 Best Corporate Citizens 2019 category rankings:

  • Employee relations: No. 132
  • Environment: No. 73
  • Climate change: No. 62
  • Stakeholders and society: No. 33
  • Human rights: No. 58
  • ISS-ESG corporate rank: No. 105
  • Governance: No. 453
  • Financial: No. 823

Other companies on the corporate citizens rankings with major operations in Rhode Island:

  • CBRE Inc.: No. 15
  • Johnson & Johnson: No. 16
  • Medtronic PLC: No. 39
  • Eaton Corp.: No. 53
  • Best Buy Co.: No. 67
  • Pepsico: No. 70
  • Agilent Technologies Inc.: No. 79
  • Bank of America Corp: No. 84
  • Verizon Communications Inc.: No. 98