THE I-195 REDEVELOPMENT District will follow city rules when it comes to zoning oversight and development decisions until it develops its own standards. / COURTESY I-195 REDEVELOPMENT DISTRICT COMMISSION

PROVIDENCE – A new state law turns over development decisions in the Interstate 195 Redevelopment District to the commission that oversees the area, effectively removing the area from the city zoning oversight.

On Aug. 28, the I-195 Redevelopment District Commission agreed to move forward as quickly as possible in developing rules and regulations that will carry out that new authority, contained under the Special Economic District Enabling Act.

But in the interim, the commission has agreed to follow the city’s established zoning and comprehensive plan rules.

Under a resolution approved by the commission Aug. 28, the district will follow existing city requirements for all projects that were submitted for review, or authorized under purchase and sale agreements, by July 1.

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