IGT, Louisiana State Police’s Video Gaming Division renew contract

PROVIDENCE – A contract extension has been announced between International Game Technology PLC, a gaming technology, products and services company with offices in Providence, and the Video Gaming Division of the Louisiana State Police’s Department of Public Safety and Corrections.

The 9.5-year contract extension will provide a video gaming monitoring system upgrade for the Louisiana State Police DPS&C, according to a press release.

The Louisiana DPS&C has been a customer of IGT since 2005. According to Renato Ascoli, IGT’s CEO in North America, IGT’s INTELLIGEN central system will help the department accomplish its goals in regulating gaming.

“The Louisiana State Police will be equipped with more-advanced tools to ensure that they continue to properly manage their expansive video gaming network and provide their players with an optimal gaming experience,” he said.

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The current system will be upgraded to an INTELLIGEN central system, IGT said in a press release. The new system will monitor more than 13,000 video gaming devices at more than 1,700 locations across Louisiana.

According to IGT, the new system features stable, secure command and control capability as well as business-intelligence features.

Susan Shalhoub is a PBN contributing writer.