IlluminOss breakthrough lands it in the biotech marketplace

For years regional business and governmental leaders have been touting the potential here for breakthrough life sciences and biotechnology ventures. This week, one of those projects reached maturity.

IlluminOss Medical Inc. made its innovative bone-stabilization system commercially available to a growing portion of the U.S. population in desperate need of a better way to heal broken bones – the elderly.

In short, IlluminOss shortens the recovery time for bone fractures by orders of magnitude, allowing skeletally mature patients with broken bones in the arm to get back to normal activity almost immediately.

It’s understandable if you have never heard of IlluminOss. Medical treatments or devices require an extensive and costly testing period, and as a result a lot of investment upfront. The promise of IlluminOss has garnered it enough investors over the years to continue development and begin operations here.

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The only real question is just how big can this East Providence company get, and will it be able to spin off any other innovative ventures in this industry?