If you’re in marketing in Rhode Island, you’ve probably searched for “video production” in the last 10 years. Video is just part of every marketer’s toolkit these days. 

Along the way, you may have stumbled across Animus Studios, a video-first studio based in Riverside, RI.

Animus Studios has been helping national brands and local Rhode Island favorites find their fascinating stories since 2011. 

If your next campaign involves video, you might find yourselves in a conversation with Justin Andrews or Arty Goldstein, co-founders and co-owners of Animus. 

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Here’s a bit more detail on who Animus is and how they approach video storytelling. 

What is a video agency? 

Today, most large marketing teams have a series of outside teams they work with to bring a campaign to life. A big singular agency is often too clunky in an effort to control the full process. Working directly with brands allows Animus Studios to collaborate more freely. This helps internal teams maximize their internal strengths while trusting a video agency partner to align the campaign goals to the video execution. 

What types of problems do you solve? 

  • Branding through story, video, ads
  • Employer branding to recruit and retain top talent
  • Promote offerings, products, and services
  • Explaining complicated offerings, processes
  • Scaling thought leadership and subject matter experts

What type of projects does Animus work on? 

  • Brand and corporate anthem
  • Commercials and advertisements 
  • Explainer videos
  • Documentary style stories
  • Client testimonials and case studies

What type of clients do you work with? 

  • Marketers focused on improving the creative and keeping an energized approach.
  • Industries: Pharmaceuticals, Technology, Professional Services, Apparel, Food, Health
  • Brands: Hexagon, Seagen, Sunovion, Thoughtworks, FootJoy, Muck Boot, Axis Communications, Fujifilm, NASA, Global Atlantic, Taco Comfort Solutions, Go Providence, and BD.

Where is Animus Studios? 

Just 5 minutes from Providence, Animus is located right off I-195 on Amaral Street in Riverside, RI. Their facility offers a video and photography studio available for rent, office space for their team, as well as a co-working space for creatives on the second floor of the building, which is currently taking applications — email contact@animusstudios.com for more details. 

What does Animus value?

  • Creative courage to seek new ideas, take on exciting challenges, and explore our boundaries
  • Genuine thoughtfulness, respect & care for each together, our client, and the project.
  • Personal passions, freedom & growth. We are a collective of individuals with our own unique stories. While we all define success in our own way, we want to work with team members pushing themselves to grow at a personal level. Take time for yourself when needed, but always bring your best.
  • Results and progress. Creativity for the sake of creativity isn’t our business. We’re aiming to emotionally impact our audiences in order to inspire behaviors and new thinking. 

How do I connect with Animus?

Hop over to www.animusstudios.com to learn more, watch examples, and explore Animus Studios. Or email us at contact@animusstudios.com.