Tuesday, September 27, 2022


Vol. 37 No. 1 - Providence Business News

Featured & Hot Topics


Metalsmiths forge ahead with storefront, in-house manufacturing

In Sandi Bonazoli and Jim Dowd’s Warren metalsmithing studio, Beehive Handmade, equipment ranges from a 100-year-old machine to modern technology such as a laser...

Something New

Cobbler in demand since opening shop in March

When people think of cobbler services, salvaging expensive dress shoes might come to mind. That’s sometimes the case, said Providence Shoe Repair owner Mike...


Mass. business incubator arrives in Providence

Getting a business off the ground is no easy feat, especially for people of color. And if Rhode Island’s undersized share of minority-owned businesses is...

It's Personal

Levin appointed president of East Greenwich Chamber board

STACY LEVIN, branch manager for Bank Rhode Island’s East Greenwich location, was recently appointed as president of the East Greenwich Chamber of Commerce’s board...


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