Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Vol. 39 No. 5 - Providence Business News

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Designing and building award-winning custom choppers

Before striking out on his own, Shawn Dow, owner of Warwick-based Bad Mouth Bikes, had more than 20 years of experience rebuilding and repairing...

Something New

Wonderland offers yoga ‘playground’ for all levels

Abbe Ciulla and Alyssa Karam, co-founders of Wonderland Yoga LLC in Wayland Square in Providence, said they want to create more than just a...


Projects along E.P. coast proceed, except for one

On East Providence’s industrial waterfront – a stretch of parcels that for decades sat derelict – the ongoing construction of East Point, a 392-unit...

It's Personal

To Savor: Upstate N.Y.’s hidden gems

I have had the privilege of traveling to many wine regions throughout the world, and one that I recall fondly is upstate New York,...