Keeping the business patient-focused yields clear success

Dr. John A. Pezzullo | Rhode Island Medical Imaging president

My father always told me, “Doctors make lousy businessmen.” It is not hard to understand why. You spend a lifetime learning medicine and really no time focusing on the business of medicine.

Yet in many ways your success as a physician is dependent on your success as a businessperson. Rhode Island Medical Imaging is successful as both a business and a clinical medical practice for two reasons: people and focus.

RIMI’s 500 employees are RIMI. The only product that comes out of a medical practice is good health care. There are no widgets that are packaged and sold. If you will, our product is the interaction each of our employees has with each of our patients. They recognize that they are caring for patients who are potentially ill and afraid. And each of them understands that someday they might be that patient.

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Throughout its 75 years, RIMI has had a front-row seat to the ever-changing health care paradigm, one that has forced many other health care practices, clinics and hospitals to fall by the wayside. We have survived to this day because we have never lost our focus on providing the very best care to our patients.

From cutting-edge technology and treatments, to the highly trained clinical staff and physicians, RIMI’s sole focus remains the patient.

Doctors may make lousy businessmen but if you have excellent people and a singular focus, the future will always be bright.