Lifespan Corp. understands that self-care is the best care

PBN Healthiest Employers Awards 2022
3. Lifespan Corp.

CEO (or equivalent): Arthur Sampson, Interim CEO and president
Number of employees: 12,935

LIFESPAN CORP. OPERATES under the idea that “delivering health with care starts with caring for ourselves and our colleagues.”

To that end, the Providence-based health system offers programs as simple as providing stress-reducing coloring pages in clinical unit breakrooms to embedded mental health counselors that provide immediate support for team members to manage complex emotional situations, such as stress, fear and anxiety, in the moment.

“Over the past two years, the mental health needs of team members have become the No. 1 topic in employee well-being,” said Greg Salgueiro, Lifespan director of well-being. “And that goes beyond providing counseling services. Employees need support around child care and elder care, as well as financial wellness.”

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Employees are now taking advantage of a robust set of virtual benefits thanks to a new employee assistance provider, NexGen EAP, and its virtual Healbright courses meant to make mental wellness accessible, engaging and stigma-free. In its first year, users more than doubled and the number of counseling sessions increased from 55 to nearly 1,800.

A Healthy Thought: ‘In order for a company to create a culture of wellness, they must … listen to their team members and let them know that they are valuable and you care about them as individuals and as a team.’
GREG SALGUEIRO, Lifespan Corp. director of well-being