LISC Rhode Island invests record $26.8 million in 2017

PROVIDENCE – LISC Rhode Island ended 2017 having invested $26.8 million, including $2.3 million in grants, the nonprofit announced Wednesday.

LISCRI surpassed its investment total for 2016 by $1.7 million and set a record for the national nonprofit’s investment in Rhode Island.

“It’s great to have this level of investment in Rhode Island,” said Jeanne Cola, executive director, in a statement. “Last year, we set a goal of investing $25 million to celebrate our 25th year in Rhode Island. To have surpassed that amount this year is a great achievement. With this level of investment, LISC has been a real change-maker.”

LISCRI highlighted its $12.6 million investment into Blackstone Valley Community Health Care’s Central Falls Community Health Station, a project that combines the organization’s health services into a “one-stop-shop.” The project will bring family doctors, pediatricians, emergency medicine specialists, nurses, obstetricians, midwives, social workers, emergency medical technicians, physical and occupational therapists, recovery coaches, health coaches, community health workers, translators, dentists and pharmacists into one building with the intention of covering 90 percent of the Central Falls population.

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“We were completely on board with their plans,” said Cola. “I felt this was a critical project to get behind with a comprehensive funding stack. This kind of community development not only has the potential to completely change the life and health of the residents in one of our most underserved communities, but also stands to create an anchor institution for future development in the community. It’s a win-win for everyone in Central Falls.”

The nonprofit also highlighted that it provided more than 2,000 hours of technical assistance in program areas and on projects with more than 135 of its local partners and community organizations in 2017.

LISC also noted that it administered the AmeriCorps program, which contributed 10,000 hours to Rhode Island Community Development Corporations.

Other LISC Rhode Island investments and initiatives:

  • LISC distributed $476,000 to Amos House in Providence with money from the U.S. Department of Labor designated to projects that reduce recidivism.
  • LISC invested nearly $2 million in a new affordable housing complex at 93 Cranston St. in Providence that will include 30 residences of mixed-income housing and the Urban Greens Co-op.

LISC Rhode Island said it focuses on projects and programs related to affordable housing and mission-driven real estate, technical assistance and funding for improvements in child care and early learning facilities, improvement in health equity, and various income and wealth-building initiatives through financial opportunity centers.

Chris Bergenheim is the PBN web editor.