Lincoln, Rhode Island March 27, 2009

Local web design firm Eleven Limited, LLC was recently recognized for its corporate giving program. In her new book “Small Businesses Give Big” Maggie Keenan – a nationally recognized expert on strategic philanthropy— highlights fifteen small businesses from across America and brings their giving stories to light.

Reviews of the book are glowing with statements like: “I feel as if I have gone to lunch with each of the business people. I also feel mentored and refreshed and ready to extend my contribution to the world. Thank you, Ms. Keenan, for sharing their goodness with us in this time of our global disillusionment with the corporate world.”

Company owner and Creative Director Tim McMahon is “thrilled that we were singled out to be part of this important book” and noted that “giving back to the community is pretty much built into my DNA.” McMahon’s chapter in the book traces his philosophy of giving from his earliest days noting the exceptionally strong influence his parents had in shaping his desire to give back.

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McMahon works full time with the American Mathematical Society, owns Eleven Limited, and in his spare time is enrolled in a graphic design program at the Rhode Island School of Design. He also chairs the Lincoln Democratic Town Committee.

In the words of the book’s author, “All it takes is the heart to help, passion to fuel your purpose, and the decision to make giving an integral part of your business.” Eleven Limited has done exactly that.

The book is available through Amazon and those interested may learn more from the Eleven Limited website at