Lutz furniture made to last

Peter Lutz launched his furniture-design company, Lutz Furniture, a year ago this month with the goal of creating distinctive pieces that combine simplicity and purpose. His initial collection includes a platform bed, an oblique bookshelf, graceful, functional chairs and other pieces.

Each is made to last as an heirloom but can be dismantled or moved as necessary.

“If it’s a bed, it has to get into a house,” he said. “You can’t just design something without thinking about the fact that it has to come apart.”

After graduating from Alfred University, Lutz had a career as a designer, a machinist and a finisher for several years before starting his Providence-based company. He works with North American hardwoods, such as oak, ash and cherry.

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His initial market is designers, who are selecting items for clients.

He describes his furniture as embodying a clean, simple design. “They’re made in such a way that you can really see how [it is put together],” Lutz said.