Unless They Make Some Serious Changes In This Ever Worsening Economy!

It doesn’t matter what type of restaurant or nightclub you own, you may be in serious trouble in the upcoming years. In a recent study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics titled how the economic slowdown has changed consumer spending in America dated Oct 25th 2011. It states that Americans are spending less on clothes and eating out, and more on household fuel bills and healthcare. This is not the only problem. We are heading towards $5.00 for a gallon of gas which brings up the already high costs for liquor, food, goods, etc. Add to the fact that unemployment is over 10%, most people are making less and needing more and it’s easy to see how the hospitality industry is poised to take a big hit in the next few years.

Let’s add some more bad news, consumers have a large variety of entertainment venues to go to, and most of them are within a fifteen mile radius. Then the big corporate restaurants chains have entered the scene and are taking a huge bite out of the profits from everyone. Why, are chain restaurants taking such a big bite out of the profits of the average restaurant? Because they understand how to cut costs, add value and provide outstanding service, all for an affordable price. All of this combined is straining already slow establishments.

So what can you do to save your business and thrive in this down economy?

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Take a lesson from the chain restaurants and start looking at how you can make changes to your business from what it is, to what it must be to survive.

“The days of the consumer going to high priced restaurants or nightclubs because it’s the hip place to go are long over. And if you’re not providing outstanding customer service, you can kiss your business goodbye. We now live in a whole new reality when it comes to the attracting new business” says Vic Pichette, Hospitality Consultant and owner of U.S.B.S. a Hospitality Consulting firm located in Rhode Island. Consumers want lower prices, outstanding service, and a great customer experience. The trick for the restaurant or nightclub owner is to be flexible, smart, and aggressive when it comes to attracting new customers and staying profitable. They must also understand new operational techniques and procedures or they will be run over by the competition. And if your business is not internet savvy, you’re in big trouble.

One of the biggest problems that we find is that owners of restaurants and nightclubs do not fully understand what to do to stay profitable in this very difficult economy.”

Pichette adds, “Change can be a very difficult thing for many owners, and in most cases they simply don’t know what to do or where to turn for help. Getting your business to be profitable in the future is not difficult; you just need to know what to do and be willing to make some serious changes.”

Pichette says, “To get a better understanding of where you currently are, and where you need to be to survive in this economy, you must first have your business assessed by professionals who fully understand what to look for, and have the knowhow to take your business from where it is currently, to where it must be to survive in the future.”

Pichette feel his Company U.S.B.S. (U.S. Bar Spotters) offers unique services for the hospitality industry. “One of the most important things that a restaurant or nightclub owner can do, is to have their business covertly assesses over a period of several days. With over 25-years’ experience, we instinctively know what to look for. We report our findings and offer suggestions on ways to make improvements. This is where it all starts, and is an inexpensive way to get a true understanding of where your business is today, and where you need to be to stay successful. From that point on, we can be asked to stay on board to assist in making the necessary changes.”

Pichettes company also offers Bar Spotting Services, Secret Dining Services, and Restaurant and Nightclub Consulting. In addition they teach training classes, and have a full design service.

You can reach U.S.B.S. by calling Vic Pichette at 401-225-4104 or visit http://WWW.USBARSPOTTRS.COM for more information. All consultations are free.

U.S.B.S. is a proud member of The Rhode Island Hospitality Association


  1. I have another take on this entirely. I want reasonably priced food and excellent service, but where is the creative vegetarian and/or vegan fare? I was happy to see (via the RI Flower Show food demonstrations) that Branden Lewis is teaching a course at J & W on cooking plant-based meals – but really! With all the restaurants in Providence and RI – the ability to get vegetarian or vegan meals outside of Indian or Asian restaurants seems to be limited to variations of eggplant parm or pasta with vegetables.

    Where will we travel over 20 miles to visit for great veggie food? Luigi’s in Johnston – it’s still eggplant, but their panne insulata sandwiches (esp when made on whole wheat pizza crust) is still unique), Pickpocket in Wakefield (mideastern foods), Roberto’s in Bristol – for their Tuscan bread salad with cannellini beans, and The Beehive Cafe (also in Bristol ) for their roasted butternut squash sandwich. I make delicious veggie meals every day at home – but I would really like to be able to eat out more.

    And as far as breakfast goes – where is the veggie “bacon” or meat-free sausage? We can and do have these at home – but to my knowledge, no one offers such meat-free options on their menus.

    It’s really not difficult – but if RI restaurants want to stand out and attract discriminating diners – start targeting the vegetarian and vegan niche markets and you will attract those of us who are concerned about eating well while eating healthy, and who will drive pretty far distances to get a good meal that addresses both our ethical values and palate.