Misiak Masonry and Suarez Design Build the First, Affordable ICF Home in Providence

Providence, RI, December 2012 — Misiak Masonry and Suarez Design are building the first-known, affordable, single-family Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) home in the City of Providence, RI at 51 Bissell Street.  The project is being financed by Pedro Taveras.  The construction of the home with ICFs opens a new chapter in RI affordable housing, and is a landmark for the green construction industry in the city.  Over-the-long-term, the homeowner will save up to 70% annually on the cost of heating and air conditioning.  By using ICFs, the home will have a much higher R-Value (i.e. a measure of a home’s energy efficiency) than other homes, which use more traditional building materials.  Additionally, as a result of using ICFs, the home will have better soundproofing.  The ICF system will make the home more fire, termite, and hurricane resistant.  With all the benefits of ICF by BuildBlockRI, this house of about 1500 sq. ft., is being built competitively for under $130,000.  “Using ICFs allows us to save on HVAC equipment, since we need less energy to power the house,” said Eric Misiak, CEO of Misiak Masonry.  “Using ICFs, also, allows us to cut down on the amount of time that it takes us to build the house.”    With advance notice, Misiak Masonry welcomes people to see the house being built.



Eric Misiak

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