East Providence, February 11, 2016:  On February 11th, Dr. Barry M. Prizant, Ph.D, CCC-SLP, toured and spoke to teachers and staff of The Wolf School, located in East Providence, RI. Dr. Prizant is well known as a clinical scholar, researcher, and program consultant to those with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. While Wolf is not a school specifically for children with autism, it does educate students with complex learning differences, making many of Dr. Prizant’s observations and learnings applicable. Dr. Prizant elaborated on his latest endeavor, his book, Uniquely Human: A Different Way of Seeing Autism, published by Simon and Schuster (2015). Uniquely Human encourages a better appreciation of those with autism and advocates educational supports that work toward understanding an individual’s behavior and their distinct experience. Uniquely Human presents a hopeful future for children and adults with autism and complex learning differences. Dr. Prizant spoke not only about his book but also on his experiences in the field throughout his 40-year long career. A lively Q&A then followed with topics such as potential future projects and what Dr. Prizant hopes to see in future research.

The Wolf School is a nationally recognized private special education school for children with complex learning differences in grades K-8. Our expert, caring team of professionals, state of the art facility, small class size, and unique Immersion Model provide students with an optimal educational environment for independent academic success. To learn more please visit thewolfschool.org.

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