Centurion Foundation, Prospect Medical submit application for CharterCARE purchase

PROVIDENCE – Atlanta-based The Centurion Foundation and Prospect Medical Holdings Inc. announced Friday they have submitted an application to state regulators seeking approval for Centurion’s proposed purchase of CharterCARE Health Partners from Prospect.

The organizations submitted the joint Hospital Conversion Act Application to the R.I. Department of Health and the R.I. Office of Attorney General, and a Change in Effective Control Applications to RIDOH. If the application is approved, CharterCARE will become a nonprofit with no ties to Prospect.

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The two agencies must now assess whether the applications are “complete” before starting the review process. They are then expected to make a decision within 180 days of the acceptance of the applications.

The application follows the signing of an asset and purchase agreement last year. Under the agreement, Centurion will purchase assets and operations associated with: Roger Williams Medical Center in Providence, Our Lady of Fatima Hospital in North Providence, Blackstone Valley Surgicare in Johnston, CharterCARE Medical Associates in Providence, Home Health Services in Providence, Roger Williams Cancer Center in Providence, Southern New England Rehabilitation Center in North Providence, and St. Joseph Health & Dental Center in Providence.

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Centurion will also purchase CharterCARE’s related business, real estate assets and physician clinic operations outpatient services. Under Centurion, CharterCARE Health Partners will become a nonprofit health system established as CharterCARE Health of Rhode Island Inc.

“This is an important step in the next phase of our future as a critical health care resource and employer in this area and allows us to build on Prospect’s significant investment in our system and in Rhode Island,” said Jeffrey Liebman, CharterCARE CEO. “We pledge to cooperate fully with the Department of Health and the Office of Rhode Island Attorney General throughout the application review process. We want all Rhode Islanders to be confident that this proposal is in the best interest of our community, our employees and our physician partners.”

Centurion said it will maintain local leadership and establish a board of directors that includes local health care community leaders.

“We believe strongly in the community-centered mission of CharterCARE,” said Centurion President Ben Mingle. “We seek to become a contributing member of the Rhode Island health care system by preserving and enhancing CharterCARE’s role to provide high-quality, affordable, and accessible inpatient and outpatient health care.”

Claudia Chiappa is a PBN staff writer. You may contact her at Chiappa@PBN.com.