SALEM, OREGON; APRIL 1, 2015 – Companies who crave a spot on the list of Great Places to Work® now have a new tool to help them make the roster. OfficeAccord is a private, company-branded digital bulletin board that allows employees to buy & sell personal items, arrange ride shares, and organize meet ups. 


CEO Ben Comstock explains how the idea came about. “When a co-worker on the 4th floor needed a mobile phone and a colleague on the 2nd floor announced he was trying to sell his, I introduced the two. I thought, ‘there has to be a better way to publicize non-business related activities that does not involve annoying mass emails. Standard collaboration tools require users to sift through a long wall of old posts. So, we created OfficeAccord.”

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OfficeAccord empowers employees to save & earn, connect with colleagues, and find eco-friendly transportation which helps businesses demonstrate their commitment to promoting well-being and encouraging a sense of community. 


With an intuitive, clutter-free design, posts are created and viewed quickly without the endless commenting that runs rampant with ESN tools and chain emails. The smartphone compatible format is perfect for the busy, on-the-go worker.


Using business communication tools for personal use is distracting and can be against company policy. OfficeAccord offers a more appropriate office platform to conduct personal matters, keeping your online business discussions free from unrelated emails, chats or forum posts.


OfficeAccord is a practical solution to enhance internal communication. It will certainly help companies become great places to work.