PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island – For most companies, workers compensation insurance is a high expense item. Moreover, it is often difficult to understand and anticipate fee variations and adjustments. Workers compensation involves complex policy language, making internal auditing difficult. This was the case for a Mass-based general contractor until OverVIEW introduced cost saving solutions.

Formed in 2005 to assist companies with reducing the recurring costs of operating expenses, OverVIEW, Inc. provides comprehensive reviews of monthly billing, contractual terms, potential service design plans, and alternative carrier options. Clients reduce expenditures by an average of 20-60%, most often without changing the incumbent provider.

For the Massachusetts contractor, workers compensation insurance had become challenging and costly.

“This is a well-managed company with active risk management controls, but still had trouble justifying the billing and adjustments being sent to them,” said Dave Wilder of OverVIEW, Inc.

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OverVIEW conducted a thorough review of current policy documentation and prior years, as well as current state and NICC guidance, to determine if the client was entitled to any past, present or future reduction credit or refunds. Once significant savings was determined, OverVIEW assisted in obtaining those identified savings.

“By using our experts for a detailed review, our client could focus on company goals instead of hours of paperwork. As their agent, we worked closely with the insurance carrier to negotiate issue resolution and effect corrections for our client’s benefit,” said Wilder.

OverVIEW successfully corrected experience ratings and identified $41,000 in savings, delivering those savings to the client. As part of the program, OverVIEW will also provide an on-going review of program fees and adjustments to maximize future savings.

OverVIEW, Inc. is a contingency based consulting firm helping hundreds of clients throughout Southern New England save money on operating expenses including telecommunications, utilities, insurance, vendor services, personnel expenses, credit cards, payroll, and office supplies. The company helps clients increase profits by reducing expense. Without OverVIEW, attempts to save money can be a daunting task even for the most seasoned businesses. It takes time to research vendors, collect data, review, select, contract, implement, and quantify results.

OverVIEW’s services are recommended by the New England Inn Keepers and Resorts Association, Select Independent Distributors of America, Milford Area Chamber of Commerce, Northern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce, Newport Chamber of Commerce, and Worcester Area Chamber of Commerce.

For information, contact or call 508-949-3442.