PawSox owners present vision for new city stadium, $12.3M in economic impacts expected

A VIEW OF WHAT the development around the proposed AAA baseball stadium on the former I-195 land in Providence would look like. / COURTESY DAIQ AND POPULOUS
A VIEW OF WHAT the development around the proposed AAA baseball stadium on the former I-195 land in Providence would look like. / COURTESY DAIQ AND POPULOUS
PROVIDENCE – The Pawtucket Red Sox new ownership group on Wednesday gave the public its first glimpse of its proposed plan to build a new ballpark in downtown Providence, which includes a sublease agreement with the state and a 30-year real estate tax treaty with the city. There’s no appeal for the issuance of public…

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  1. “… – would end up costing the state about $2 million per year, according to the ownership group.
    “The lease/sublease arrangement provides the mechanism for the state to offer financial support to help offset the $85 million cost of building the ballpark project,” the ownership group said in a release.”

    Look I’m sorry but this state can’t afford one penny more as it is, and we’re already being asked to pay $2 million+ a year for a AAA baseball team’s stadium? The owners are millionaires, how about pay it yourselves or relocate it in Massachusetts. If you don’t want to spend $85 million to build it, then leave it in Pawtucket.

  2. I see they build it and then the State PAYS them $5 million a year for 30 years. The rest is estimates but it’s $4 million a year which is minus the $1 million they will pay back to the State.

    I take it the land is given to them? Yeah, that’s great.

    Where has the NBC come out with an estimate to fill that hole and dig another one elsewhere?

  3. This deal is so outrageous that it is bound to be rejected by the state and the city of Providence. Before approving the PawSox move to another city, the International League should guarantee that Pawtucket would allowed to provide incentives to attract another International League team to Pawtucket. The Syracuse Chiefs are having trouble drawing fans to their stadium. In 2014 they drew less than 4000 fams per game. The PawSox have averaged more than 8,400 fans per game over the last 10 years. Soon, thousands of tourists will be visiting the Blackstone River Valley area when the new Blackstone River Valley National Park is up and running. The Syracuse Chiefs might consider coming to Pawtucket where 10,000 sell crowds would be possible.« less

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  4. Higher ticket prices, more congestion for traffic, costly parking, vs. free parking now and Taxpayer subsidy of millionaires project.

    Wrong use of property intended to bring in good paying jobs, badly needed in RI

    Costly infrastructure repairs upgrades (more taxpayer subsidy)

    Why? Hasn’t the taxpayer suffered enough???Subsidize this project???

  5. Ken B. Your Chiefs information is very inaccurate. Their double deck NBT Stadium is much more beautiful than McCoy, it seats more, 11, 071 to be exact, and is located in a better neighborhood. Their opening day crowd this week was 8,861, the biggest since 2001 given the success of their 2014 season. Why would they want to move to an inferior ballpark?

  6. Obadiah2, My facts and predictions are based on a 10 year history of successful attendance at McCoy Stadium by the PawSox. Your predictions are based on one game. During the last seven years of recession in Pawtucket, the PawSox averaged 8,400 fans per game. The PawSox fans are very loyal. Syracuse is a basketball and a football city. It is obvious that the chiefs do not have a loyal fan base. During the last seven years, the Chiefs have averaged less than 6000 fans per game. The bottom line for International League team owners is attendance. It looks like the PawSox owners will take the team to another city. The International League will be looking to put a team in Pawtucket where there is a proven record of team support. If the Chiefs came to Pawtucket, there would be a great rivalry between the “Worcester Red Sox” and the Pawtucket Chiefs. There probably will be sellout crowds every time these teams play each other. Lastly, the PawSox fans do not think that McCoy Stadium is an inferior stadium. PawSox fans love McCoy Stadium.

  7. Okay, so the FACTS as I see them today are that the team will pay for all of the development and contruction of the ball park. The land is currently slated to be a completely 100% NON-REVENUE generating park. No jobs here! The owners will pay for the garage and for utility moving. The land will be owned by the STATE of Rhode Island and leased to the team for 30 years. Ticket prices will be the same as they are today and the parking garage will be $3 for games. Whew! I’m so glad I can read and comprehend what I’m reading. If I listed to others I might have come up with a completely different view of this…one not based on any type of reality. Amazing! Either way, if the team does not move to Providence for whatever reason, I would like to see all current subsidies given to the team for McCoy stopped immediately, you know, becasue “we can’t afford it.”

  8. Ken B. I didn’t say that McCoy is an inferior ballpark. I said it is inferior as compared to the NBT stadium in Syracuse.

    Here’s another question for you. Over the last several years, PawSox attendance has declined by 23% which represents a significant loss of revenue for the owners. Usually, minor league franchise attendance follows the performance of their parent organization and the BoSox have been pretty successful over the same period. Why the PawSox attendance decline???