Pawtucket adds additional speed cameras

PAWTUCKET RECENTLY added 11 new speed enforcement cameras, bringing its total number of these cameras to 25. Pictured is downtown Pawtucket. / PBN FILE HOTO/PAMELA BHATIA

PAWTUCKET – Eleven new speed cameras have been installed in the city, bringing its total speed detection camera fleet to 25.

The new cameras are located on the following roads: two cameras on Power Road; two on Walcott Street; two on Broadway; two on Central Avenue; two on Newport Avenue; and one on East Avenue.

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In addition to the 25 speed cameras, the city also has 17 red light cameras.

Drivers will be fined $50 for speed violations the cameras detect in school zones, and $85 for going through a red light.

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The new cameras were installed “after years of residents complaining about unsafe driving patterns in the city,” said Pawtucket spokesperson Grace Voll. “Over that time, there have been numerous efforts to monitor, enforce and address the speeding conditions. However, those have failed to rectify the matter on an ongoing basis.”

Driver fines go to the city’s general fund, Voll said. Since 2020, Pawtucket has collected approximately $4.3 million in fees issued by red light cameras, and about $12 million in fees from speed cameras in school zones.

The city has paid $5.4 million for the cameras themselves, Voll said, with each camera coming with a $2,500 monthly rental fee. The cameras are funded through the city’s police department, she added.

Jacquelyn Voghel is a PBN staff writer. You may reach her at

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