Peace of Mind for Aging Adults

For many families, finding the right long-term care for an aging loved one can be complicated. But assistance is available through a new and growing field of practice, Aging Life Care Services.

With the support of an Aging Life Care Manager, clients gain a trusted companion to guide them through the process of planning for long-term care.

Prepare for the Future with Aging Life Care

“We hire experts to help us in so many areas of our lives from financial planning to decorating our homes,” explained Caroline Rumowicz, Director of Aging Life Care Services at Saint Elizabeth Community. “Aging well is so critical, especially as we’re living longer. You want someone you can trust to guide you through the process.”

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A trained and certified specialist works with families to develop an individualized plan that connects them to services. The navigator will cover everything from arranging home care to identifying appropriate options for long-term living arrangements. They collaborate with doctors and other medical professionals to ensure continuity of care.

The Aging Life Care Manager is also there in the event of a crisis, familiar with each family’s situation so they can assist with decision making quickly and appropriately. They can arrange short- or long-term coverage, referrals, at home or in the hospital.

Some other critical roles include managing medications and coordinating home care services like skilled nursing, physical or occupational therapy, or nursing assistant coverage.

How Does Aging Life Care Work?

The process starts with an initial needs assessment to identify goals and make recommendations for service options, home safety, community resources, and long-term planning. The specialist collaborates with the family’s healthcare professionals, from accompanying them to appointments to ensuring that everything stays on track with their doctor’s recommendations. As their needs change, the plan may be adapted.

“We regularly reevaluate each individual’s plan and recommend new solutions as their life situations change,” added Rumowicz.
Aging Life Care Covers More than Just Health

Daily household management may become a challenge and Aging Life Care can include a range of services like companionship, transportation, errands, cleaning, and preparing and serving meals. Care Managers arrange to keep their clients in a safe and comfortable environment. They’ll also navigate insurance, reviewing policies related to home care services to maximize coverage.

In the long run, Aging Life Care Services provide a support network for families while addressing the needs of aging loved ones.

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