Prospect Medical Holdings Inc. offers a perfect model for care

Healthiest Employers of Rhode Island Awards 2020 | 1,500-5,000+ EMPLOYEES
5. Prospect Medical Holdings Inc.  | Jeffrey H. Liebman, CEO, CharterCARE Health Partners | Number of employees: 3,200

CHARTERCARE HEALTH PARTNERS’ mission to provide Rhode Islanders with exceptional health care begins with employees.

The Prospect Medical Holdings Inc. network – which operates CharterCARE – models for patients a do-as-I-do approach by encouraging its 3,200 employees to embrace health-and-wellness awareness and action.

About 75% of eligible CharterCARE employees completed the Healthy Prospects employee-wellness program last year, making it Prospect’s top company in this area.

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‘To keep our community healthy, we must first be sure to take care of our own health. That is something that is more important today than ever.’
Jeffrey H. Liebman, CharterCARE Health Partners CEO

An online health assessment and biometric screenings help employees get a baseline on their health. From there, the screenings and assessment identify areas and ways to improve one’s health.

Healthy Prospects also includes telephonic health coaching, online wellness challenges, and other activities and resources for health management.

In 2019, CharterCARE offered free on-site group fitness classes, including a Zumba program at Our Lady of Fatima Hospital in North Providence.

“You have no excuse [to not get healthy] when [the program is] on-site,” said Jennifer M. Siefert, CharterCARE’s manager of human resources, benefits and leaves.

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