Providence Community Health Centers, Inc. Continues to Provide Health Care to Providence

Contact: Cheryl Perry
March 31, 2020 17:30 EST
Phone: 401-780-2542

PCHC Continues to Provide Health Care to Providence
Providence Community Health Centers continues to offer medical, behavioral health, dental, optometry and podiatry services to its existing patients and to new patients.

PROVIDENCE, RI, Mar 31, 2020 – With many providers decreasing services to patients due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Providences Community Health Centers (PCHC) remains available to care for its patients and for patients who don’t have a primary care provider or whose provider is closed.

President & CEO, Merrill Thomas, says “he’s committed to continuing to care for Providence’s most vulnerable populations”. PCHC has had to make some adjustments to it’s operating hours and locations but has also added telemedicine to its suite of offerings. Currently, PCHC is using telephone-only services to provide both medical and behavioral health care to patients and will soon be able to provide telemedicine services that allow for full videoconferencing with providers.

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For the safety of the staff and community, PCHC is requiring that all patients make scheduled appointments prior to going any clinic. “By calling us, our staff can triage the patient and connect them with a provider who can determine if care can be provided telephonically or if the patient needs to be seen in the clinic” says Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Andrew Saal. Saal continues “this is a stressful time and worry can magnify feelings of anxiety and depression. We want to continue to be here for all of our patients, it’s what we’ve always done- serve the population that needs it most”.

As well as medical and behavioral health care, PCHC continues to provide emergency dental, optometry and podiatry services, something most other providers are not currently offering. In addition, PCHC is also outreaching to its members with chronic conditions to support them during this time, “when it’s most necessary to keep our patients healthy and out of the hospital” continues Saal.

PCHC encourages its patients to call their health center for an appointment and for new patients to call 401-444-0404 for assistance.

PCHC continues to provide patient-centered care regardless of cultural background, social barriers, or ability to pay.

For an up-to-date list of all changes, PCHC recommends visiting their dedicated COVID-19 webpage at: