Providence Preservation Society symposium looks at city landscapes

PROVIDENCE – The Providence Preservation Society announced it will host its 2018 Symposium: The Cultural Landscape from Nov. 1-3.

In a statement, the society outlined discussions that will take place at the multiday event: “Humans have long altered the earth and left marks of habitation, and we continue to do so today. Each use shapes our city’s landscape in tangible and intangible ways, from buildings and rivers to names and memories. This fall, the Providence Symposium will explore the many landscapes of our city – sacred, industrial, formal, threatened, vanished – and contemplate the ways we can recall and protect them or their memory for those who follow us.”

Additional information is forthcoming on the PPS website.

Emily Gowdey-Backus is a staff writer for PBN. You can follow her on Twitter @FlashGowdey or contact her via email,

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