Raimondo signs $9.6B budget
for fiscal 2019

GINA M. RAIMONDO signed the $9.6 million budget passed by the General Assembly. / PBN FILE PHOTO/NICOLE DOTZENROD
GINA M. RAIMONDO signed the $9.6 billion fiscal year 2019 budget passed by the General Assembly. / PBN FILE PHOTO/NICOLE DOTZENROD

PROVIDENCE – Gov. Gina M. Raimondo signed the fiscal year 2019 $9.6 billion budget, passed by the General Assembly, Friday.

The general revenue total in the budget was $3.9 billion, while federal money accounts for $3.2 billion.

The Rhode Island budget in fiscal 2018 was $9.2 billion.

This year, the budget included the legalization of sports gambling at Twin River Casino. International Game Technology PLC won the contract to operate sports wagering in the state. The state will retain 51 percent of sports gambling revenue, IGT will keep 32 percent and Twin River will receive 17 percent.

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The budget also contained three ballot questions for voter approval seeking bonds for three projects in the state, including a $250 million bond to repair and replace deteriorating public school infrastructure.

The governor highlighted a few areas of the budget’s focus, including education spending, business and job training investment, and economic-development programs for low-wage workers.

The budget also included a provision that gives young people in foster care the option to continue access to care until the age of 21.

“A state budget is more than just a spreadsheet. It’s a statement on our values. As Rhode Islanders, we value opportunity, education and community. Because of the choices we’ve made together, our economy is stronger today than it’s been in a generation. We’ve made a lot of progress in recent years, and we need to keep going to ensure that everyone is included,” Raimondo said in a statement. “Together, we’re going to fix our kids’ school buildings, ensure everyone has a shot to compete for a good job and protect the most vulnerable people in our state, including Rhode Islanders with disabilities, young people in foster care and our seniors. This budget protects the progress we’ve made and reflects the values we share. I thank the legislature for their hard work.”

Chris Bergenheim is the PBN web editor.