Raimondo signs executive order to commit state to 100% renewable electricity sources by 2030

PROVIDENCE – Gov. Gina M. Raimondo signed an executive order Friday that directs the Office of Energy Resources to conduct an energy-market analysis and to develop a policies and programs to achieve a goal of having the state’s electricity 100% sourced from renewable energy by 2030.

The governor announced her intention to sign the order in her State of the State speech this week.

“When we meet this goal, Rhode Island will be the first state in America to be powered by 100% renewable electricity,” said Raimondo in a statement Friday. “We’re already leading the fight against climate change, but we have to take increasingly aggressive action if we want to avoid catastrophe. As governor of a coastal state and mom to two teenagers, I’m fully committed to protecting the beauty of our state and our way of life for future generations.”

The order also directs OER to look into the viability of the plan lowering ratepayer costs and increasing jobs in the state.

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The order puts a deadline of Dec. 31, 2020 for the report from the OER, noting that actionable items should be included that could be implemented in 2021.

“The reality of the climate crisis demands that we end our reliance on dirty fossil fuels,” said Conservation Law Foundation Senior Attorney Jerry Elmer in a statement Friday in response to the executive order. “This commitment to 100% renewable electricity is a major step towards reaching that goal. The governor must now make good on her promise to support a law that goes beyond mere talk and makes Rhode Island’s climate goals mandatory, including slashing emissions beyond the electric sector.”