Report: Our Lady of Fatima’s community health spending ranks among top in U.S.

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Our Lady of Fatima Hospital is among a group of hospitals that invest significantly in community health, according to a new report by the Lown Institute.

The hospital ranks in the top 25% of 3,641 hospitals nationwide in Medicaid revenue, charity care spending and other investments in community health, the report found.

The Lown Institute, a nonpartisan think tank, examined hospital cost reports filed with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and tax forms to compile the rankings. Documents that provided the data were from 2018.

Our Lady of Fatima is a part of CharterCARE Health Partners, an affiliate of Prospect Medical Holdings.

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“Fatima and CharterCARE have always been committed to be responsible stewards of local health resources. We are proud to be a national leader in proportionate contribution to local community health, especially as it comes in addition to the millions of dollars Fatima pays in state and local taxes,” said Jeffrey Liebman, CEO of CharterCARE.

A full launch of the 2021 Lown Institute Hospitals Index is expected this fall.

“Our performance contrasts with the myth that for-profit health care drains local health resources and is further proof that proprietary health care systems are good medicine for the community they serve,” Liebman said.

The Lown report can be found here.

Elizabeth Graham is a PBN contributing writer.