Report: Verizon has ‘overwhelming lead’ as No. 1 U.S. wireless network

VERIZON WAS NAMED the country’s best overall wireless network for the 10th year in a row by the RootMetrics National RootScore Report. / COURTESY ROOTMETRICS

PROVIDENCE – RootMetrics National RootScore Report has found Verizon as the country’s best overall wireless network for the 10th year in a row, said the Basking Ridge, N.J., group, which measures mobile-network performance.

According to a RootMetrics press release on its latest study, Verizon was again unbeaten in every category, such as overall network performance, reliability, data, speed, call and text.

“Verizon’s performance in our national testing remained outstanding and far stronger than that of any other carrier,” said the report.

According to Verizon, the timing of its gap between the company and its competitors is advantageous.

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“Our overwhelming lead over the competition has never been more important as we build for the future,” said Nicola Palmer, chief network engineering officer and head of wireless networks at Verizon, in a press release.

Verizon said its wireless 4G LTE network was unbeaten in 111 of 125 metropolitan areas tested; was unbeaten in overall performance; and increased the number of markets where its network delivered median download speeds of at least 20 megabits per second to 106, the highest number of any carrier.

The latest third-party study findings are the most recent in consistent top rankings: The latest J.D. Power Wireless Network Quality Performance Study put Verizon at the top in the Northeast and all six regions for fewest user problems per mobile-device interaction.

Susan Shalhoub is a PBN contributing writer.

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