Rhode Island FC will not open at Tidewater Landing in 2024

PROVIDENCE – Rhode Island FC is now officially seeking a new temporary home for its inaugural season.

Mike Raia, spokesman for the team, told WLNE-TV CBS 6 Wednesday that, “[Rhode Island FC’s] plan is to play in a temporary venue for the entire inaugural 2024 season. An announcement on a temporary facility will be made when details have been finalized.”

The move is not surprising. The Rhode Island Current reported April 4 that Rhode Island F.C. Team President Brett Luy hinted about the temporary relocation in a letter to season ticket holders last month due to financing woes slowing the $124 million Pawtucket soccer stadium project at Tidewater Landing, where the new United Soccer League team is supposed to play.

City officials confirmed on March 23 that the issuance of $27 million in public bonds for the 10,500-seat United Soccer League construction, a cornerstone of the financing plan, was delayed, citing economic uncertainty from rising inflation and a potential banking crisis. This comes after the project broke ground in August and construction began in November.

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Where exactly Rhode Island FC will open their inaugural season remains up in the air. East Providence Mayor Bob DaSilva said Pierce Memorial Stadium could host the team. However, Patricia Resende, a spokesperson for the city, told WLNE Wednesday that “we do not believe they will be utilizing Pierce Field.”

WLNE also reported Cranston Stadium was floated as a potential venue. But a city spokesman told them that “nothing developed.”