Rhode Island Primary Care Physicians Corporation (RIPCPC), RI’s largest IPA, has teamed up with BASIS (an Intel company) and United Healthcare for an innovative wellness program that will follow 200 Rhode Islanders for the next 6 months. The program, ‘Time for Wellness’, was developed to help individuals create healthy habits for an overall healthier lifestyle by combining a fitness monitor and clinical support staff.

Intel has provided a free BASIS fitness monitor, which retails at $200 each, to all of the participants. This innovative device records steps walked, calories burned, time spent doing activities and even details sleep patterns. It will help the participants better understand their eating, exercising and sleeping habits, all key elements to having and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. ‘Time for Wellness’ was designed to increase patient engagement by structuring more regular contact with physicians and nurse care managers. Participants will meet regularly with a clinician to give guidance on nutrition, review physical activity, and help the participants work on creating new healthy habits. 

On June 19th Rhode Island Primary Care, BASIS and United Healthcare kicked off the program with a wellness fair, where all if the participants received their device and began their 6 month journey to towards a healthier lifestyle. Baseline health metrics of all participants were recorded and a regular recording of this health data will continue monthly. The first round of follow-ups have been completed and the data is already showing that the device is motivating participants to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Participants have been increasing activity, taking more steps daily and looking forward to setting new goals.


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Noah Benedict is the Chief Operating Officer of RIPCPC and a participant in the program, he believes that, “Focusing on patient engagement is essential to lowering healthcare costs. Providing our patients with a tool that gives them insights into their day to day activity, coupled with access to clinicians that will collaboratively generate care plans, will better meet each member’s unique needs and motivate them to make healthier choices”.

Rhode Island Primary Care hopes this wellness program will demonstrate that using this device and working closely with a health care professional, like a physician or nurse, will help the participants develop life-long healthy habits. This is another innovative program RIPCPC is implementing to help keep Rhode Islanders healthy!

Rhode Island Primary Care Physicians Corporation, the largest Independent Practice Association in Rhode Island, is a physician owned and operated organization dedicated to wellness and quality improvement programming. If you are a primary care physician, value your independence and want to be part of a progressive network of healthcare providers, call us at 401-654-4000 or email us at lariosto@ripcpc.com