Signage, exit numbers and structure replacements coming to Route 146

PROVIDENCE – All signage and structures along the Route 146 corridor will be replaced in a $9.6 million two-year effort, the R.I. Department of Transportation announced Wednesday.

The department said that signage on the route is deteriorated and does not meet modern standards. The replacement of signage also will coincide with the introduction of mile-marker exit numbers on the highway.

The new numbering will begin July 1. The mile-marker system is used nationally and allows drivers to properly calculate how far they must drive to reach a certain exit.

The highway currently has no exit numbers. The numbers for each exit following the implementation of the mile-marker system may be viewed online.

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The signage and structure replacement will occur in two phases. The first, a $3.1 million phase, consists of signage replacement from the Lincoln/North Smithfield line to the state line. The project is expected to be finished by fall.

The second phase – which will encompass the highway from the Lincoln/North Smithfield line to Interstate 95 in Providence – will begin in summer 2020 and is projected to finish by the end of 2021. Both phases will have replaced 150 guide sign panels, 40 overhead structures and 110 ground mounted structures along the corridor.

The project is part of the RhodeWorks program, RIDOT noted.

A previous project that remarked the exit signs along Interstate 295 in the state was completed in late 2017.