Small Business Cloud Accelerator Program Launches in Providence, Rhode Island

Businesses impacted by the Washington Bridge closure can quickly enable remote work for employees.

PROVIDENCE, R.I., March 21, 2024 – Remi IT Solutions, an IT services and managed cybersecurity services company local to Rhode Island and Massachusetts, today announced its Remi Cloud Accelerator Program™, aimed at small businesses impacted by the Washington Bridge closure occurring in the Greater Providence, Rhode Island area.

Small-business employees need the ability to access data and phones, and promote ecommerce when needed, no matter where they are working. Remi IT Solutions is now offering a program to small businesses impacted by the Washington Bridge closure needing access to their technology systems from home or another remote location. Through the Remi Cloud Accelerator Program, eligible participants can quickly get remote access to their business data and other traditionally on-site technologies.

Depending on the number of employees, Remi IT Solutions can help a small business by enabling employees to answer and make company phone calls and access company software systems from home in as little as 48 hours. This program is designed for businesses with 10 to 200 employees who need to operate in a hybrid or fully remote manner. For those companies already in the cloud but still having lingering technology issues, Remi IT Solutions can remediate the issues and help bridge the gap between the technology they are using and their new work demands.

“Small businesses are vulnerable to disruptions when employees can only access company technologies and make phone calls onsite,” said Remi IT Solutions President Zo DiGiovanni. “Cloud technology enables businesses to securely access their technology systems, including phones, from anywhere. My team is ready to help businesses affected by the Washington Bridge closure to quickly access their critical technology systems so employees can safely work remotely. Through this program we aim to dramatically increase business continuity for participants.”

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Businesses that qualify for the program will meet with a Remi IT technical lead to answer a list of questions about their IT infrastructure and business processes. After this initial consultation, the business will receive a written recommendation within 24 hours of that meeting that will outline the steps needed to enable the level of remote work required. This program runs through August 31, 2024. Companies interested in learning more about the program can visit:

About Remi IT Solutions, Inc.
Remi IT Solutions, Inc. is on a mission to make IT easy for small and medium-sized businesses throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Remi IT Solutions offers a cloud-forward, security-first approach to IT to help safeguard your business and optimize your IT investments.

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