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Please note: THIS IS NOT A PRESS RELEASE. THIS IS A NEWS, TIP but there was not a specific email to address this to. Please forward to Social Welfare or appropriate office.

I am contacting you on the behalf of a client, I wish to be anonymous in this matter.  The person who I’m advocating for has been charged irregular, amounts of money for rent at Crossroads for the last year.  Because of the nature of his situation he also wishes to be anonymous but would very much appreciate the matter being investigated immediately.

My client needs immediate action and mediation, to resolve the technical difficulties that are keeping him from going to work.  He is being threatened, with an eviction from Crossroads after being charged irregular amounts of money for rent for the past year.  His rent is current.

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He is taking steps to talk to people at VR regarding the housing situation that is, impairing his ability to go to work.  He is and has also been trying to work with RI Housing to clear up the technical difficulties.  RI legal services did nothing for him.

Client is being threatened with more homelessness which is very expensive.  Client of Crossroads received on March 30th a letter dated March 13th regarding a possible immediate termination of housing as of April 16th for RIGL 34-18-24.  When the client received the letter it was March 30th which gives him not 25 days to respond but 11 possible working days to resolve a matter that could possibly end in eviction and more homelessness.  

The facilities around the living area are really dirty and not sanitary.  The client is being treated like dirt.  There are numberous things that are taking up taxpayers money and need to be resolved.  There’s no hot water many days, the ceiling is falling in, there is mold all over the place.  Many places in the building are health hazards, the building is unsanitary.

Please investigate the matter of clients being charged irregular amounts of money for rent based on income.  This is a gross and costly socioeconomic ill that the State of RI can resolve.

The client did give me permission to send this email to you.  He’s a good hardworking person who does appreciate having any kind of housing and really needs assistance.