State tourism efforts could use a boost from new campaign

Within weeks of the poorly conceived 2016 rollout of the disastrous “Rhode Island: Cooler & Warmer” campaign, Rhode Island tourism leaders said they were done with statewide marketing slogans. A year later, a stealth rollout of a new “Fun-Sized” promotion performed well enough in testing that tourism leaders were comfortable finally acknowledging it in the

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  1. Frankly there was an overreaction to the supposedly failed Cooler & Warmer and the controversy over it was symbolic of the problems with RI tourism itself and should have led to more thoughtful analysis of the situation. Unfortunately, no such thing happened. When you view your mission as just a media advertising campaign, you are already operating at low level, when what you need is a bigger and more strategic viewpoint. For example, the tourism organization should be engaged on stimulating the creation of more events in RI to attract visitors. It should also do more in promoting hospitality investment by outside firms. RI lacks a big upscale resort in the area stretching from Narragansett to Green Hill. Why not try to fill that void. The State has a big investment in URI facilities which are underutilized in the summer months. Why not stimulate the creation of more musical events, more theater events, more sporting events on that campus and if required build outdoor/indoor facilities to
    help. Why not an outdoor amphitheater there??