T.F. Green passenger traffic rises 16.9% in Jan., cargo traffic triples

ON THE HORIZON: An aerial view of the completed expansion of the main runway at T.F. Green Airport, lengthened from 7,200 feet to 8,700 feet, allowing for the ability to fly nonstop to the West Coast, as well as opening up opportunities for expanded international trade and domestic commerce. / COURTESY R.I. AIRPORT CORP.
T.F. GREEN PASSENGER TRAFFIC increased 16.9 percent in January. Monthly cargo traffic tripled year over year. / COURTESY R.I. AIRPORT CORP.

WARWICK – Traffic at T.F. Green Airport increased 16.9 percent year over year in January to 292,603 total passengers, according to the R.I. Airport Corp. this week.

Southwest Airlines continued to process the most passengers through the terminals at T.F. Green with 112,661 total passengers, 38.5 percent of all traffic. American Airlines also remained the second-largest airline operating at T.F. Green with 68,952 passengers, 23.6 percent of all traffic.

Frontier Airlines accounted for 10.3 percent of all traffic for the month with 30,228 passengers. The discount airline is now the third-largest airline (by share of passengers) at the airport.

The discount airlines added to T.F. Green’s flight roster last year – Allegiant, Frontier Airlines and Norwegian Air – accounted for a combined 46,993 passengers, 16.1 percent of all traffic. In fact, without including the traffic from the new airlines, traffic at T.F. Green in January would have fallen year over year.

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Shipping companies at the airport processed 6.3 million pounds of cargo in January, a 213.1 percent increase from the 2 million pounds one year prior. Of that cargo that passed through Green, 2.6 million pounds enplaned while 3.7 million pounds were deplaned.

ABX Air accounted for 2 million pounds of cargo through the airport, more than any other company, followed by Atlas Air, which accounted for 1.5 million pounds. Both companies are shipping partners with Amazon.com Inc., which operates a fulfillment center in Fall River.

Courier services Federal Express and United Parcel Service accounted for 1 million pounds and 759,438 million pounds of cargo, respectively.

Chris Bergenheim is the PBN web editor.

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