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DECEMBER 5.0 PERCENT HOTEL tax revenue increased 7.2 percent in December year over year. Fiscal year-to-date collection increased 3.3 percent year over year in December. \ COURTESY RHODE ISLAND DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE

DOR: December 5% hotel tax revenue collection up 7.2% year over...

PROVIDENCE - Rhode Island 5 percent hotel tax revenue was $776,424 in December 2016, a 7.2 percent year-over-year increase, the R.I. Department of Revenue...
THE DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE reported that April continued a downward slide in the 2017 fiscal year with a 26.1 million dollar shortcoming from previous estimates.

DOR: Hotel tax collections rise in November

PROVIDENCE – One percent and five percent hotel tax collections increased both year over year in November and fiscal year over fiscal year through...
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