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Prior to founding Biograph Venture Development roughly a year ago, Richard G. Horan led the publicly funded, nonprofit venture capital Slater Technology Fund. Now he looks to concentrate on Rhode Island’s life sciences and biotechnology sectors with Biograph.  / PBN FILE PHOTO/RUPERT WHITELEY

If innovation is desired, then sustained commitment is needed

Richard G. Horan | Biograph Venture Development LLC founder and principalThe critical inputs to building an innovation economy are said to include talent, technology...
After a 16-year career as a television reporter, including at WJAR-TV NBC 10, Dyana Koelsch branched out into public relations, forming her own company eight years ago. It now counts local companies with regional and national footprints. / PBN FILE PHOTO/RUPERT WHITELEY

The speed of information flow demands immediate transparency for business

Dyana Koelsch | DK Communications ownerMuch has changed from those days when print and broadcast journalists were the gatekeepers, the storytellers and almost exclusively...
Providence Mayor Jorge O. Elorza has blazed a singular career path. Child of Guatemalan immigrants, he attended Harvard Law School, taught law at Roger Williams University and became a Providence Housing Court judge before being elected mayor in 2014.  / PBN PHOTO/RUPERT WHITELEY

Don’t do things the way they have always been done

Jorge O. Elorza| Providence mayorAll my life, I’ve never accepted the “way things were always done” as a response to age-old problems.As mayor, a...

Friendship plays valuable role in workplace

Two friends were walking through a dense jungle. Knowing the dangers, they promised to stick together whatever happened.Suddenly, a tiger appeared in the bushes....
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