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Off to paradise

Do you feel that taking a personal vacation refreshes your creativity? Yes 87.5% No 12.5%Do you feel that taking a personal vacation allows you to become...

Let’s break for lunch

Do most of your employees eat breakfast at work? Yes 28.6% No 71.4% Unsure 0%Where do the majority of your employees take lunch? The break room 50% Unsure/other 25% At...

Great expectations

Please indicate whether you agree or disagree with the following:Our company is asking employees to take on more responsibilities than in the past Agree 75% Disagree...

Berating employees isn’t smart

It’s almost never a good idea for a leader to publicly criticize his or her employees.As a PR matter, this strategy is almost certain...

Get educated

Does your company encourage employees to seek further education, training or certification? Yes 66.7% No 33.3%Does your company partially or fully subsidize the cost for employees...

Providing for employees

Does your company offer any health-related benefits to employees? Yes 100% No 0%Do you offer more than one health insurance plan to employees? Yes 57.1% No 42.9% We do...

Internal communications

How does your company primarily communicate internally? Email or messaging application/software 80% Group meetings 20% Phone calls 0% Bulletins posted throughout office 0%What do you consider to be...

Bring your own device

Does your company supply employees with information-technology devices?Yes 50% No 20% Depends on the position 30%Does your organization supply any of the following devices to employees?Phones...
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A summit on the topics of diversity and inclusion will be held at the start of the awards program. Attendees will learn from experts during a discussion of best practices. For details, including the list of winners, panelists and ticket information, click below.

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