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Environmentally sound

Does your company recycle? Yes: 100% No: 0% Has your company progressively minimized its reliance on printed materials? Yes: 100% No: 0% Has your company taken steps to reduce its...

Networking the room

Do you or your business regularly participate in networking events? Yes: 56% No: 44% Which events do you participate in? (Select all that apply) PBN events: 50% Network after...

Restful nights?

How much sleep do you get each night? Six hours: 71.43% Seven hours: 28.57% Eight hours: 0% More than eight hours: 0% Has a lack of sleep from employees...

Feeling taxed

When does your company begin preparing its taxes? January: 75% February: 25% March: 0% April: 0% Is the time taken for your company to prepare taxes extensive? Yes: 50% No: 50% How...

Road Trip

How much do you travel for work? Sometimes: 44.44% Once a year: 33.33% Always: 22.22% How long do you typically travel for? A couple days: 88.89% One week: 11.11% More than...

The marriage of politics and business

Has your company ever publicly endorsed or promoted a political candidate? Yes 14.3% No 85.7% Do you make your personal political or social views known to customers,...
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