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AN ANNUAL SURVEY conducted by insuranceQuotes.com shows the average auto insurance premium increase for Rhode Island drivers who filed a claim of $2,000-plus totaled 62 percent, representing the third most in the nation. / COURTESY INSURANCEQUOTES.COM

Study: Post-claim auto insurance costs soar in Rhode Island

PROVIDENCE – Rhode Island policyholders suffer some of the worst premium auto insurance cost hikes in the nation after filing claims, according to a...
RHODE ISLAND RANKED NO. 2 in the nation for lowest insurance rate growth as affected by annual mileage. /COURTESY INSURANCEQUOTES

R.I. ranks No. 2 for lowest effect of mileage on auto...

PROVIDENCE - Rhode Island is ranked No. 2 for the lowest auto insurance rate growth as a result of annual mileage increase, according to an InsuranceQuotes...
ADDING A TEEN DRIVER to an existing insurance policy in Rhode Island increases preiums 152.7 percent, more than any other state in the nation. /COURTESY INSURANCEQUOTES.COM

Report: Adding teen drivers skyrockets auto-insurance premiums in R.I.

PROVIDENCE - Rhode Island has the largest average auto-insurance rate increase after adding a teen driver in the nation, according to a Wednesday report by...

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